Why Competition in Team Building Does Not Work


If you have attended a team building before, most probably, you’ll have your team divided into teams and then they have to compete to complete certain tasks. The goal is to use competition in order to develop skills that the company wants them to have.

But based on the result of such approach, it’s not generating the desired results. Most often, it results to petty feuds between your team. So, instead of building your team, you’ll have group of employees loyal to each other. That is not how a team building should work.


groupThat’s why the way great managers do team building nowadays is vastly different from the way other managers are doing it because they know, doing competitive game does not build the team but rather destroy it. In fact, it is harmful to the overall health of the company as it creates division in the company.


The purpose of having team building is to make sure that employees are encouraged to do their best, and that they have the right attitude to do their jobs properly.

Great manages understand that the best teams are those with effective teamwork.
We know this for a fact that is why, the way we do our team buildings is not the way it is being done normally. No, we don’t do competition but rather, we create a team that is united in all aspects. We let them know that competition is not the only way to build a great team. There are other ways too.

With our lineup of activities, we are sure that we’ll be able to deliver. WE know that being creative in this aspect is expected so our activities are not just games so people can have fun. They are activities to provide results.


With our expertise in the area. We know that our activities will deliver the results that you should aspire for. It is important for companies to have their teams united to achieve results and we know that. So we make sure that we build our team through uniting them instead of making them fight.

At the end of the day, cohesiveness will be apparent in your teams once they go through our team building activities. WE are very sure of it as that is the result we always deliver to our clients. If you want to create meaningful connections in your company, then you went to the right place.